Environmental Law

“Resistance creates hope”

- Herman Wallace

I represent both pre-trial and post-conviction defendants in parishes across Louisiana.  I value your liberty, freedom and constitutional rights and am prepared to handle your criminal defense needs.

I work on a wide range of environmental justice and land use case. In particular, I have extensive experience crafting comprehensive administrative comments for National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) public comment periods for the non-profit sector.  

My work has focused on confronting the intersections of racial, environmental and social injustices for the past eigtheen years. 

I transitioned from community organizing to legal work eight years ago. Today, my client-centered legal practice incorporates my past experiences in confronting corporate consolidation of our natural resources and the prison industrial complex. I can handle your criminal defense, civil rights, or workers compensation matter.  Also if your family wants to plan for its future, my firm can handle your estate planning needs.  

Criminal Defence


We handle successions of all sizes and complexities and are comitted to making the process as understandable as possible. Contact us for estate planning, living will and power of attorney documents.

Legal Services


Traffic Court

Estate planning

I have extensive experience helping clients reduce and beat their traffic and OUI (operating under the influence) cases and
​get their driving privileges back.

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May we always remember the life and legacy of Herman Joshua Wallace of the Angola 3 whose revolutionary struggle changed the legal landscape of our state and country

Herman Joshua Wallace  |  1942 – 2013